MATERV Kft. offers a full service architectural design, planning, engineering and consultant practice committed to:

  • Providing high quality design and engineering services to the clients
  • emphasizing on the design excellency of our work
  • applying state-of-the-art technology to buildings and products
  • providing consultancy and construction management to our projects


MATERV Kft. has a mid-size diversified practice in a very competitive market, we have been involved in all types of projects, from industrial, residential, commercial, sport, catering, hotel, hospital design to very large comprehensive site planning.
We have been selected in a number of cases by large international companies searching for local architects and engineers or by foreign architectural firms to find partners for their projects in Hungary.


We consider our strength to build international relations by having qualified professionals with outstanding foreign language capabilities, ones have working experience abroad.
It helps to understand our partners and clients not just in wording, but also the way of thinking.

MATERV Kft. is a 100 % private company, owned by the former and the present employees. It was found in 1986, as majority of the most competitive department of the large, bureaucratic State owned company, IPARTERV has voted to face the challenge by establishing a new life in a better organized, independent company.


MATERV Kft. currently employs 9 people, all of them have professional degrees. We have a staff of architects, structural engineers and one person in administration.

The company is structured into two independent studios,  led by a senior architect or engineer.


MATERV Kft’s design philosophy is that our activity is a kind of service, we concentrate on developing alternatives, research and creating solutions based on functionality, durability and value.

We care about the future, so we design flexible, changeable and enlargeable buildings, we try to avoid energy waste, and practice environmental responsibility.
We prepare our design proposals with the conviction that functional and visual excellence in architecture yields distinctive projects so the owners, the users and the whole society can be proud of them.


MATERV Kft. is fully committed to the new computer technology.
 We operate Autocad Workstations utilizing up-to-date versions along with Autocad REVIT, AutoDesk, and 3D Studio VIZ, or rether AxisVM, VBExpress, SteelExpress. Our computers are strong Pentium machines served by A0 HP plotters, HP printers, routers, CD-writers, scanners.


We use the computer technology as a tool for better performance of our projects, although in the early design stage our designers prefer to present their ideas on traditional ways, by freehand renderings and working models.

Informations of the firm:

  • Name: MATERV Ltd.
    (Magasépítési Tervező Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság)
  • Address: 1095 Budapest, Boráros tér 6. II/1.
  • Address for letters: 1450 Budapest, Pf. 154.
  • Telephone: (36-1) 218 8100
  • E-mail
  • Internet: www.materv.hu

Frissítve: 2016.03.11

Magasépítési Tervező Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Alapítva: 1986. január 1.
Jogelőd: IPARTERV "A" iroda
Cím: 1095 Budapest, Boráros tér 6. II/1.
Postacím: 1450 Budapest, Pf. 154.
Telefon: (36-1) 218 8100

Minőségbiztosítási rendszer: 

Vezető munkatársak

Maczelka László   ügyvezető igazgató

  építész vezető tervező

  (36-1) 218 8100

D. Herbert Diana   ügyvezető

  statikus vezető tervező
    építész tervező
    igazságügyi szakértő
Szabó István   ügyvezető

  statikus vezető tervező
    (36-1) 218 8101



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